Twin Screens – new digital signage solution at Arlanda

Twin Screens – new digital signage solution at Arlanda
21 november, 2017 NW_fixa_WP

Twin Screens Arlanda– our new digital signage solution

After a few months of secrecy we can now finally reveal our latest addition to our list of high-end premium digital screens. Two big scale HD-screens located just a few minutes from Arlanda International Airport outside of Stockholm.

Adjacent to the highway connecting Stockholm with Arlanda airport (as well as the rest of the world) our twin screens combined create a 140 sqm, full motion, HD Mega-Widescreen experience, making them two of Swedens largest digital highway billboards with state-of-the-art technology, utilizing it’s full construction with unique screen elements, from top to bottom.

With our super-premium screens at Arlanda, along one of Swedens busiest freeway-junctions, the screens will cover north- and southbound travelers between them. Needless to say we are happy to offer just the right spot for your innovative ideas to engage both us and the people Stockholm. We value good ideas and love everything that challanges the norm. Therefore you can trust that your message not only will be exposed on our screens, it will also look terrific.

About Twin Screens – Arlanda:

The main screen consists of a single HD-screen. The format is Mega-Widescreen (14,40 x 4,60 metres) and a pixelratio of 1800×576 px.

The main screen sits on three legs, each of which is covered by two screen elements to create a truly unique construction.

Read more about the Twin Screens.

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