Survey: DOOH strong among younger audiences

Survey: DOOH strong among younger audiences
9 mars, 2018 NW_fixa_WP

A survey recently performed on 1000 consumers in the UK show that the majority of audiences in the age of 18–44 are positive to DOOH and that they find the brands utilizing the medium to be engaging, interactive and forward-thinking.

For the last couple of years DOOH has been the second fastest-growing medium after mobile, growing consistently each year.

At the same time marketers weigh every ad-cent with full scrutiny, making the fight over ad-budgets fiercer than ever.

So what is it about DOOH that is drawing consumer interest and advertisers investments? A recent survey performed in the UK, performed by Kinetic Interactive, might have the answer.

The survey showed that audiences were overall positivt to digital-out-of-home. Furthermore, the survey showed that consumers aged between 18–44 where overwhelmingly more positive towards digital signage-marketing than those older than 45 years.

80 % of those in this age bracket said they thought brands using DOOH were forward thinking. Two thirds also thought the medium was entertaining and engaging indicating a forceful future ahead for digital signage. Or as the surveys initiators describe it,

“For brands, the findings give a clear incentive to use Digital Out-of-Home to capitalise on the positive sentiment of a highly desirable segment of the population”.

Read more about the surveys findings here.

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