Reopening of Katarinahissen

Reopening of Katarinahissen
18 oktober, 2023 NW_fixa_WP
Bild över Katarinahissen Gondolen.

Being closed since 2010, Katarinahissen is now operational again in connection with the reopening of the restaurant classic Gondolen. This time under leadership of Svenska Brasserier, a recurring customer of Atracta.

Katarinahissen has been a central part of Slussen since the end of the 19th century and it was renovated and improved in 1936 in connection with the opening of Gondolen for the first time. In 2018, Atracta modernized a legacy of advertising with a 96 square meter high definition LED screen. The screen wraps around the entire construction and has become an integrated part of this iconic landmark as well as of Stockholm’s skyline.

The area around the screen at Katarinahissen continues to expand and it is particularly satisfying that one of our customers, Svenska Brasserier, is taking over operation of the classic Gondolen. They will contribute to even more life and movement around our screen which of course will be positive for Atracta, says Johan Forssell who is marketing manager at Atracta.

Katarinahissen is operational again on Thursday October 19th when Gondolen also opens again.

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