Shenzhen – new screen on the way?

Shenzhen – new screen on the way?
17 oktober, 2017 NW_fixa_WP

Shenzhen revisited – new screen on the horizon

A couple of weeks ago we set off to Shenzhen for an exciting week of meetings with possible technical innovators in the world of digital signage, golf and most importantly – to inspect our brand new screen for the first time!

The result? We couldn’t be happier. State-of-the-art HD components and an image quality par none. Down below you can se parts of the screen which had been assembled during our inspection. Trust us, the end product will be quite a lot bigger….

”So where will it go”, we hear you say out loud to yourselves. Well, all shall be revealed in good time. But trust us when we say this; like our previous screens it will be something new, something unique and something we’re really looking forward to share with the world.

Stay tuned and say it big.

/ Atracta

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