Digital fireworks in Stockholm attracted hundreds of people

Digital fireworks in Stockholm attracted hundreds of people
24 mars, 2017 NW_fixa_WP

Digital fireworks in Stockholm attracted hundreds of people

A couple of hundred people gathered at Stureplan in Stockholm on New Years Eve to see the brand new digital fireworks on the billboard located at the square. Already we at Atracta are looking forward to next years celebrations.

The first edition of Stureplan digital New Year’s fireworks display attracted 100’s of people to the square during 2016’s final minutes. Even on restaurant outdoor restaurants around the square the celebretations chimed in on the count down to midnight. Atracta is pleased with the turnout, but already looking forward.

– We see this as a first step in a long journey where we want to create a place for city residents to celebrate together during New Years Eve in a different way,  says Johan Forssell at Atracta.

How and in what way the owners behind the big screens at Stureplan plans to develop the digital fireworks for next year is nothing they want to reveal yet. Already, they are looking for creative people to produce the show for next years event. The fact that the model for the celebration was Times Square in New York, USA is no secret though.

– We like to challenge the ordinary in everything we do and are incredibly grateful that so many wanted to join the countdown with us. Commercial digital screens in the city are not only just that – commercial. They belong in a way to the city and its inhabitants and it’s up to us to find exciting ways to let the people of Stockholm be a part of that. Our hope is that we can take it to the next level. Who does not want to ring in the new year under the stars with sparkling pixels? says Johan Forssell.

Watch some footage from the digital fireworks in Stockholm – click here! 

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